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Black, el payaso - credit elena Molina - Raphaela Papadakis, David Powton

Black, El Payaso
Arcola, Cervantes Theatre

Written by Pablo Sorozábal
Directed by Paula Paz
Musical Director Ricardo Gosalbo

Set & Costume Design Caitlin Abbott
Design Lucía Sánchez Roldán
Costume Supervisor Jo Lewis
Production Manager Diego Gutiérrez Córdoba

Stage Manager Puerto Baker

Photos by Elena Molina

"Tight, bittersweet production.. a satisfying ensemble"
★★★★  The Stage
"Caitlin Abbott’s visuals in both set and costume design are highly effective. Broody, moody lighting from Lucía Sanchez highlights the straightforward colour palette used in both. But the costumes are where we really see some sparks. Maybe call it haute-carnaval (paying no attention to the mixed languages)? The fashion design here is wonderful, telling a story all on its own." ★★★★ The Reviews Hub


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