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A Single Man
Park Theatre, Troupe Productions

Written by Christopher Isherwood
Adapted by Simon Reade
Directed by Philip Wilson
Produced by Ashley Cooke
Set & Costume Design Caitlin Abbott
Design Peter Harrison
Costume Supervisor Jacqueline Barker
Production Manager Ian Taylor, estage

Stage Manager Alice Wood
 Helen Parkin-Moore

Photos by Elena Molina

 "Imaginatively economical set design by Caitlin Abbott"
★★★★ The Stage 

"There is plenty of style, just as in Ford’s film: Caitlin Abbott’s set design is clean and gestural" The Guardian

"Caitlin Abbott's set is a brutalist dream. A rectangular parallelepiped of concrete doubles as a bed and a table, constantly looking sepulchral. Mid-century accents briefly appear. It's inhospitable and cold and miserably uncomfortable, a visual allegory for the man himself." Broadway World

"Caitlin Abbott’s powerfully versatile set provides just enough to give us an idea of our surroundings, a large concrete block which ensures no matter where George goes, death is never far from his, or the audience’s, thoughts. " Theatre Things

On exquisite display, however, are the designs of Caitlin Abbott  Peter Harrison and Beth Duke. A dream design trifecta. Abbott’s concrete facade... quickly transformed time and again, proving itself as malleable and worthy as the ensemble who shape-shift and revolve around it.... Abbott’s costume design evokes a sense of both time and place, filling the otherwise mid-century greyness with colour and life."

London Theatre Reviews, Matthew Pierce

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